PHTS Foundation


A few months after Gabby was born in April 2008, she was diagnosed with pediatric myocarditis in August 2008. The disease was treated by medication until April 2015 when Gabby became ill with a respiratory virus. Gabby couldn’t seem to recover from the viral infection so doctors admitted her to the hospital. A catheterization revealed that the right side of her heart was severely damaged. All her major organs were enlarged. They moved her to the CVICU and that’s when we found out how sick she was.

After several months in the hospital, Gabby was placed on the heart transplant list. Even though she was on a continuous IV infusion of medication, she was able to start school in August 2015. Surprisingly, just a few days into the school year, we learned a new heart was available. As they rolled her into surgery, she asked the nurses if she could see the new heart she was about to receive. They told her they didn’t think that was possible and she replied, “That’s okay because now I get to go to Legoland.”

Surgery and recovery went smoothly and Gabby was home two weeks after the transplant. She was so excited to go back to school that she packed her lunch herself the day before.

Gabby has a lot of big plans. She is currently playing soccer and is interested in taking gymnastics and swimming lessons. And, of course, they are planning their trip to Legoland.