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patient story 1

Where do I start, it took the lining of stars to form and having the ultimate dream come true. I re-committed to the one man, whom had my heart all this time, and he gave me “a piece of heaven", our baby girl: (the empress) Nevaeh. My pregnancy was joyous; she was born on November 12, 2009, on the initial date and was spontaneous. Everything was priceless; I had the little girl I always wanted. I had it all. At the tender age of 2 months and a week while preparing for her first sets of needles, I noticed mourns and was asking around. Everyone stated they thought it was her way of talking but that didn't settle with me; something was wrong. I took her to the clinic even, there it was the same thing, but being adamant in finding out more caused for the physician on call to request a chest x-ray and on that day of January 20, 2010, my life was flipped upside down.

The diagnosis was “dilated cardiomyopathy" (an enlarge heart mainly on the left side). It would be the beginning of how 'special' this bundle was; only a creation truly made from God can withstand what came after. Lots of tests, medicines, procedures, nurses, doctors, results theories, therapy sessions and so transpired.

For Christmas because of her reports and progress, our little one was taken off the list- temporarily; it was very exciting on our part, we thought we had it good. Unfortunately the tone changed and concerned doctors and specialists thought it was best to put her back on at the end of January; so it was up for serious discussions and then our baby was put back on the list on the 3rd or 4th of February 2011.On the late morning @ 12:10am of Feb 5th I received a call from her doctor stating she had a 90% match for my girl. (I always imagined what that day would of been like many times in my head but all I know is I was all alone and very shocked, worried, scared, unsure if I was supposed to say yes, what to do..) It fully didn't register what was about to take place and her dad was out of town supposed to come back the same night: would he make it?

They wheeled her in behind those doors passed 12 midnight on the February 5, 2011. I didn't see her again until 5:30am February 6, 2011. Her father's and I's life was about to change in ways we couldn't even imagine-God, & Sick kids gave our daughter a second chance at a brand new life. We can't be more grateful for all the help, support, and new friends now family we got from this hospital. Sick kids are like angels from the sky what they do on a daily basis is overwhelming and complicated for anyone to fathom or even understand but they are the greatest.

Nevaeh Hamilton is 2 years and 4 months old now and has went through a thorough beginning but just so the balance of her days become effortless. After coming through an open heart surgery at the beginning of 2011 in February; she than had a lapse with a virus still unknown to us a month after in March, a week before my birthday. It knocked her out with seizures for a full week( a full head to toe makeover). To be able to travel in July 2011 for our long awaited wedding in Jamaica. To than the unexpected loss of her father in December 2011; in closing off the year. In his eyes she was the ultimate gift; if you saw them together you knew his love for her was exceptional.

To the donor we stretch our hands to and can only imagine your ordeal that actually united us both, but from a mom of 4 now whom thought that I could and wouldn't have a girl to have one and partly because of you get to keep her; I am very humble and forever thanking you. You will always be a part of us. She is so alive, vibrant, loves to smile, very outgoing, has an attitude but it’s to die for. Loved by all that encounters her, she has changed many.

In her short time to date is "truly our piece of heaven"; Her purpose may not be known now ;BUT ALL WILL KNOW HER IN TIME!